Fika Explained

As a sidebar…but one SO VERY important to understanding daily Swedish life. The concept, purpose, and ritual of the fika explained. This is a six part documentary we should all put into our daily practice:


Söndag: 22 Maj 2016

Some updates for Sunday’s events. Most of us went to Järvzoo for the day so here are a few pictures of our discoveries.

jarvzoo masks  jarvzoo fika

Guess who is who?…………………………and of course, FIKA TIME even at the zoo!

Gnome with muskoxen

The CSB/SJU Gnome heckling the Rastafarian muskoxen!

Sarak and Casey

Sarah K. and Casey were off with their host family!

A new find in Sweden…can we bring back any of these for anyone? If so would you eat them in public?

Camel Balls

I expect they would be extra sour!

Torsdag: 4 June 2015

The final part of the Swedish Adventure: STOCKHOLM!

Stockholm 20

Stockholm: A City of Islands

Stockholm 18 Stockholm 19

The Drottningholm Palace

Stockholm 23 Stockholm 24 Stockholm 25 Stockholm 26 Stockholm 27

The Vasa Museum: Sweden’s 1628 War Ship

Stockholm 7 Stockholm 8 Stockholm 9

Student Spa Day: Fish Pedicure

Stockholm 12 Stockholm 13 Stockholm 16

Walking the city for the views!

Stockholm 36 Stockholm 30 Stockholm 38

Obligatory Stockholm Selfies

Stockholm 44

Stockholm 1 Stockholm 43 Stockholm 37

Fabulous Food:

“Went to teach children, ended up eating a lot of butter and taking photos of nature instead.”

–   Olivia Rodriguez, 2015

Olivia Kanalbullar

Stockholm 32 Heart fika Stockholm 31

Tisdag: 2 June 2015

Helsinki, Finland Bound!

Rachel, Philip, and Gabby took the overnight ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki:

Helsinki 7 Helsinki 3

Helsinki 2

Helsinki 8

The Old Church or The Autonomous Church of Finland

Helsinki 10   Helsinki 12

Helsinki 11Helsinki 13 Helsinki 14

Ferry entertainment                          Students’ cabin                       Karaoke with

                                                                                                                          Gabby & Rachel

Helsinki 5 Helsinki 4 Helsinki 6

Måndag: 1 June 2015

The Edsbyn and Alfta time is coming to a much too quick closure. The students are finishing their teaching in the schools and preparing to leave their host families over the next few days.

Here are some pictures of the Edsbyn and Alfta countryside:

Kelly 16

                     Kelly 1                                       Kelly 9

Alfta rainbow

Kelly 20   Kelly 12  Kelly 19

Swedish Pride:

Kelly 18

Swedish Humor:

Oh Shit Not You Again

Söndag: 31 Maj 2015

As usual, it is hard to believe that the end of May has arrived. This trip is going by quickly! Today Olivia and Rachel went to Söderhamn with their host family (Stina and Benny). Philip, Gabby, Kelly, and I went to Jarvzoo. When we left Alfta we it was raining steadily (as it had been for all of yesterday and through the night) so I was not certain what the conditions would be like at the zoo. The students were steadfast and focused to see the animals at the zoo no matter the weather. As we arrived the rain lightened (it did not ever really stop raining until well into the adventure) and we set forth. The animals were very active…which we attributed to the fact that they had been able to get week rested over the past 2 days of constant rain.

Jarvzoo 1

Guess who?

Jarvzoo 2

Prerequisite Swedish Moose

 Jarvzoo 6 Jarvzoo 5 Jarvzoo 4

The pathway through the natural habitat zoo.

Jarvzoo 9

Momma Bear                                           Fika in the cabin                                     Wolf feeding time

Jarvzoo 11 Jarvzoo 7Jarvzoo 10

Gabby, Kelly and Philip at the Jarvzoo overlook:

Jarvzoo 8