Tisdag: Maj 23, 2017

Everyone slowly starts to settle into their assigned school on the second day. Here’s a taste of what the Swedish school system is about:
Primary school includes grades K-6
Middle school: 7-9
High school (mostly referred to as gymnasium): 10-12

In these schools, students learn practical skills if they wish not to continue their education past a high school diploma. Here are some examples of those skills:

(descriptions of the pictures are available when clicking on the photo)

Though this may look dangerous to most people, there has been no reported injury when using these tools. According to the instructor of this workshop, there have been more injuries from soccer balls than from these sharp objects. There is a great deal of safety stressed when instructing the proper use of sharp tools.



But of course, it is not all strict. Kids get explore their creative minds and have fun with such projects. Just look at Emilia, the forest princess, who made a mask out of thin branches and leaves.


Lördag: Maj 20, 2017

Continuing the exploration, the gang decided to attend the farmers market and take a look around Bollnäs.

The farmers market had a lot of cool things that can’t be anywhere else.
Exhibit A:

This is part of a fence in the making. They can be found all over Edsbyn. Each are hand-made and can take quite a while to finish an entire fencing unit. They require immense strength, patience, and collaboration.

Exhibit B:
20170520_124117-e1495914420591.jpgThese are kolbullar. Basically, they are giant bacon pancakes, fried in lard with lingonberry jam and sugar on top. Trust me, it tastes way better than it sounds. Just look at the picture and the smile on Alli’s face.


Fredag: Maj 19, 2017

Interesting things are happening here in Edsbyn and Alfta! The first official day of study abroad has begun. This day was spent touring and meeting the locals. Immediately, everyone started immersing themselves with the new language and culture. Thus, new friendships and memories naturally occurred.


Söndag: 22 Maj 2016

Some updates for Sunday’s events. Most of us went to Järvzoo for the day so here are a few pictures of our discoveries.

jarvzoo masks  jarvzoo fika

Guess who is who?…………………………and of course, FIKA TIME even at the zoo!

Gnome with muskoxen

The CSB/SJU Gnome heckling the Rastafarian muskoxen!

Sarak and Casey

Sarah K. and Casey were off with their host family!

A new find in Sweden…can we bring back any of these for anyone? If so would you eat them in public?

Camel Balls

I expect they would be extra sour!