Söndag: Juni 4, 2017

On this day, the gang had an incredible authentic cultural experience: Smorgasbord!

There were köttbullar, sausages, herring, liver, calf meat, bread, garlic sauce, etc.
Yum, right?

It was definitely an interesting taste and experience to say the least. Some enjoyed it and went for seconds, some were satisfied with one plate, and some could only handle one taste. Nevertheless, the girls were great sports and embraced a new culture with positive attitudes.

Plus, they got to enjoy this: FIKA!

Afterwards, everyone went to a lake house that Claes Rehn so generously offered.

There, the gang boarded on a boat and went for a ride around the lake.

Just look how excited everyone was with those fashionable life jackets.

Cassie even claimed an island in Sweden.

After the ride, this friendly fox appeared to greet their arrival.



Once settled down, Brian, Cassie, Alli, and Emerita changed to go in the sauna. They took the official Swedish experience of sweating in the sauna then jumping in the lake 3 times.

By the end of the day, the gang officially became Swedish.


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