Torsdag: Maj 25, 2015

On this day, the gang headed to the Falun Copper Mine, where Sweden received most of its wealth during the 17th century. It was operated between the 10th century and 1992, then was constructed to be one of the many popular museums located in Sweden. Not only did the copper bring out much of Sweden’s fortune and power, but it also influenced the color of many houses in the area. Its strong and radiant red color attracted many across the land.

There are quite a few legends about this specific mine. The first has to do with a lost goat and the second about the first master miner. According to legend, a farmer was tending to his animals and accidentally let one his goats loose. The goat went missing for a few days but came back with a lushes red coat of paint on his horns. So, the farmer let him out again but followed where he went. To his pleasant surprise, the goat had led the farmer to a mine filled with copper. Now, the famous mascot can be found in gift shops and inside the mine to honor his discovery.

The next legend is more of a lighthearted ghost story about a woman in a white dress. Legend has it, she was the original master miner  but went missing in the caves. No one was able to find her, so they eventually gave up. Some say her spirit still roams in the mine and can be seen if the mine is treated with respect. But, again, this is just folktale and has yet to be proven.


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