Tisdag: Maj 23, 2017

Everyone slowly starts to settle into their assigned school on the second day. Here’s a taste of what the Swedish school system is about:
Primary school includes grades K-6
Middle school: 7-9
High school (mostly referred to as gymnasium): 10-12

In these schools, students learn practical skills if they wish not to continue their education past a high school diploma. Here are some examples of those skills:

(descriptions of the pictures are available when clicking on the photo)

Though this may look dangerous to most people, there has been no reported injury when using these tools. According to the instructor of this workshop, there have been more injuries from soccer balls than from these sharp objects. There is a great deal of safety stressed when instructing the proper use of sharp tools.


But of course, it is not all strict. Kids get explore their creative minds and have fun with such projects. Just look at Emilia, the forest princess, who made a mask out of thin branches and leaves.



After school, the gang went to Hylströmmen. An area with a beautiful scenery of the woods and a superb waterfall.



We found a mystery forest woman of Hylströmmen. (Try and guess who it is).


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