Fika Explained

As a sidebar…but one SO VERY important to understanding daily Swedish life. The concept, purpose, and ritual of the fika explained. This is a six part documentary we should all put into our daily practice:


Söndag: 22 Maj 2016

Some updates for Sunday’s events. Most of us went to Järvzoo for the day so here are a few pictures of our discoveries.

jarvzoo masks  jarvzoo fika

Guess who is who?…………………………and of course, FIKA TIME even at the zoo!

Gnome with muskoxen

The CSB/SJU Gnome heckling the Rastafarian muskoxen!

Sarak and Casey

Sarah K. and Casey were off with their host family!

A new find in Sweden…can we bring back any of these for anyone? If so would you eat them in public?

Camel Balls

I expect they would be extra sour!