Fridag: 5 June 2015

More Stockholm

Students in Gamla Stan: “The Old City”

Stockholm dining group

Stockholm 45    Stockholm 47

The Skansen Baker

Skansen baker   Skansen baked goods


Torsdag: 4 June 2015

The final part of the Swedish Adventure: STOCKHOLM!

Stockholm 20

Stockholm: A City of Islands

Stockholm 18 Stockholm 19

The Drottningholm Palace

Stockholm 23 Stockholm 24 Stockholm 25 Stockholm 26 Stockholm 27

The Vasa Museum: Sweden’s 1628 War Ship

Stockholm 7 Stockholm 8 Stockholm 9

Student Spa Day: Fish Pedicure

Stockholm 12 Stockholm 13 Stockholm 16

Walking the city for the views!

Stockholm 36 Stockholm 30 Stockholm 38

Obligatory Stockholm Selfies

Stockholm 44

Stockholm 1 Stockholm 43 Stockholm 37

Fabulous Food:

“Went to teach children, ended up eating a lot of butter and taking photos of nature instead.”

–   Olivia Rodriguez, 2015

Olivia Kanalbullar

Stockholm 32 Heart fika Stockholm 31

Tisdag: 2 June 2015

Helsinki, Finland Bound!

Rachel, Philip, and Gabby took the overnight ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki:

Helsinki 7 Helsinki 3

Helsinki 2

Helsinki 8

The Old Church or The Autonomous Church of Finland

Helsinki 10   Helsinki 12

Helsinki 11Helsinki 13 Helsinki 14

Ferry entertainment                          Students’ cabin                       Karaoke with

                                                                                                                          Gabby & Rachel

Helsinki 5 Helsinki 4 Helsinki 6

Måndag: 1 June 2015

The Edsbyn and Alfta time is coming to a much too quick closure. The students are finishing their teaching in the schools and preparing to leave their host families over the next few days.

Here are some pictures of the Edsbyn and Alfta countryside:

Kelly 16

                     Kelly 1                                       Kelly 9

Alfta rainbow

Kelly 20   Kelly 12  Kelly 19

Swedish Pride:

Kelly 18

Swedish Humor:

Oh Shit Not You Again