Lördag: 30 Maj 2015

Today the entire group embarked on a sightseeing excursion extravaganza! It was a bit gray, cloudy, and continually rainy…but we persevered and had a wonderful time. This is one terrific group of students.

First we went to the homestead museum of Carl Larsson.

You can view the website at: http://www.clg.se/Content-Web-Start/$2e35937b-c0b8-437a-8f70-108ea1b8ef6e/enstart.aspx

Carl Larsson 2

Carl Larsson 3   Some of the Carl Larsson painting and settings we were able to see in person include the following:

Carl Larsson 6

Carl Larsson 5       Carl Larsson 4

We the went to the copper mine in Falun called Falu Gruva.

Website: http://www.falugruva.se/en/ 

Copper Mine 1    Copper Mine 2


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