Söndag: 24 May 2015 – World Heritage Day

Today the students visited the Alfta Emigration/Immigration (depends on your point-of-view) Museum. This museum documents the story of one of the largest flights of Swedish citizens to America.

The emigrants seemed a bit stiff…                               … but they brought many of their old world crafts with them.

 Swedish Emigrants           Quilting

Pretty much the Swedes were on the run…

Gnome on the run

They had to climb some stairs and cross the ocean in rough conditions to get to America!

Gnome on steps      Gabyy ship       Gnome ship

However, with the good book and lots of rest they were able to build a new life in a new land!

Gnome bed 1 Gnome bible Gnome bed 2

After learning so much at the Immigration Museum were visited the museum shop and had fika!

Gift shop Immigrant Fika Gnome Fika

Here are some views of the old farm houses we visited…early IKEA style:

Blog house 1   Blog house 2

Blog house 3 Blog house 4 Blog house 5

Heritage House 1  Heritage House 3 Heritage House 4

Heritage House 10  Heritage House 8


2 thoughts on “Söndag: 24 May 2015 – World Heritage Day

  1. Enjoying your postings very much! Loved Rachel’s reaction to sushi. Here in Minnesota we call those bait shops 🙂


  2. Beautiful shots of the hälsingegårdarna! My great-great-great-great grandfather was a famous painter of the interiors of those types of homes in the 1830’s-1850’s. If you visit bollnässtugan at Skansen you can see his work. Also happy to see you all taking a sauna! Have you tried blodpudding yet? (Haha- I am not a fan!) but I do love risi-frutti – you should try it!


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