Fredag: 22 May 2015 – Are You Tough Enough?

Word of the day: Ljus (y-oose)- candle. Candles are a big deal in setting an ambiance. Candles are a vital part of the atmosphere here in Sweden. And I am a fan!

Today included another teaching day in the schools with the students meeting with students at the local gymnasium (Swedish High School that covers grades 10, 11, and 12). The Swedish students divided into groups of 4 to guide our students on an English speaking tour of the gymnasium. It was a wonderful time.

Later in the afternoon, we all went to the Englund’s cabin (not too far from their house). It is by a peaceful,large lake. In this sauna, you sit in the sauna and get very hot. So hot that you cannot sit in it any longer. Then, you walk outside and down to the dock and slowly immerse yourself into the freezing lake. You then get out and go back into the sauna. We did this 3 times. It was very relaxing and not nearly the hypothermic experience than we had anticipated.

Here is a picture of Håkan and Margareta’s lake cabin and view:

Lake House  lake scene

We are not certain but Rachel and Gabby might be creating Polar Plunge gang hand signs here:

Gabby Rachel plunge


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