Torsdag: 21 Maj 2015

Today’s WORDS of the day are the days of the week:

Monday             Tuesday           Wednesday           Thursday           Friday

Måndag             Tisdag                Onsdag                  Torsdag               Fredag

Saturday = Lördag (which literally means “wash day”)

Sunday = Söndag

NOTE: Swedish calendars always start with Mondays and end with Sundays (reading from left to right).

So you can see I am directing us toward Swenglish to assist in communicating our cultural exchange!

Today was another terrific day in the schools. The CSB/SJU students are doing wonderful work. The teachers and students love them. This evening we went to the Alfta Kyrka (Church) to watch all the local pre-school students present their spring (and end of the school year) concert. Yes…exactly what you would expect at home!

Here is the church, without the people:

Church 1  Church 2  Church 3

Here is the Children’s Concert Program and the church open with all of the people:

Concert Program      Church


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