Monday: 18 May 2015

NOTE: Philip traveled to north-western Sweden with his host family on Sunday, 17 May 2015, and was able to step foot into Norway…pictures are soon to come to document this international event!

Word of the day: fijortis (fee-you-tis)- when a 14-year-old girl is giggling and shy, childish. She is giggling because she wants you to notice her and the boys too. There is usually hands covering the face and blushing. This is not something you want to be called! And one of the teachers said it today when talking about the girls being so shy to finish their sentencing and then were set off into intense giggling. Loved it! Today was our first day in the schools and all the CSB/SJU students were great. They have all started teaching on day one so any hiring school districts better come and offer these students positions before they are swept up! After our day in the classroom we all packed into the van for another trip to Gävle. Stina (the host family for Rachel and Olivia) invited us to an all female 5 km running event. Rachel was brave enough to join in on the event while the rest of us provided race support and fika (go look this up if it is a new term…it is an idea that will change your life!). It turned out to be a much larger event than I believe any of us expected. I would guess there were over 5,000 female runners and nothing but female runners! All ages and walks of life laced up their shoes and hit the pavement to run along side a menagerie of road side musical groups. Rachel reported overlapping musical genres that included rock, folk, jazz, rap, techno, and of course the always appreciated accordion! It was an exciting event. Here is the view of the pre-race warm-up: (sorry I have to embed these videos into PowerPoint but I am technologically challenged)

Race Warmup                       Our runners: Stina and Rachel:  Stina_Rachel

Of course there are always multiple stories developing as we travel along. Here is Olivia’s “thrown-fashion-to-the-wind-to be warm-footed” sock highlight! This might set new trends…who knows:

Olivia socks

Our final moment of the day way Rachel’s first adventure with eating sushi…the before, during, and after moments caught on film:

Rachel sushi 1 Rachel sushi 2 Rachel sushi 3


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