Sunday: 17 May 2015

Word of the day- blooma ( pronounced bloom-AH with great feeling): flower. I know this is a simple one, but it sounds so wonderful whenever Swedish speakers say it.

Today (Sunday) was a fairly easy day for most of us.

Philip traveled with his family to the mountain region of northern Sweden and hopefully had a chance to step foot into Norway!

The rest of us enjoyed an authentic Swedish Fika at the Englund’s home. Gabby and Kelly made Kanalbullar (singular is bulle, plural is bulbar!). Here are the delicious results:


Do not confuse Kanalbullar with Kotbullar (say: Schot – Bullar) which are Swedish meatballs like below:


And certainly different from Kulbulle (lumberjack pancakes) unless you are eating many then Kulbullar:

3 Kolbulle

Your Swedish language lesson is now finished…for TODAY at least!


More pictures of our fika frenzy:

Fika 1 Fika 2 Fika 3 Fika 4 Fika 5


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