Friday: 15 May 2015

After 2 flights, 9 hours later, watching numerous movies,…..we are all in Sweden! We got picked up from the airport by Kent drove the 3 hours to Alfta. The first few days we a series of getting on Swedish-time, recovering from jet lag, and embracing a new culture (although one not TOO much different from Minnesota!).

Today, Friday (16 May 2015), the Alfta Kommun held their spring festival. The town came alive with community members (I believe there would have been more if the weather had not been overcast, windy, and cold…see a lot like Minnesota!). There were horse drawn wagon rides, petting zoos, various local group demonstrations, live music (which includes many country western songs) and the two events that were the highlights for our students: making kolbulle (which we affectionately refer to as lumberjack pancakes) and orienteering.

Here is a brief video clip of our new Alfta media darlings, Gabby and Kelly, making kolbulle with the help of their host family “parents” Håkan and Margareta Englund.

Gabby is hanging the sign for the event:

1 Gabby hanging sign

Kelly, Margareta, and Gabby sporting the local kolbulle attire:

2 Three girls hats

The finished product: fried kolbulle:

3 Kolbulle

Video of the ladies in action flipping kolbulle:



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